Computer Recycling & Data Destruction Services

Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling Cell phones, Cell phone boards,CPU ceramic, CPU gold ceramic

We buy, sell, broker and process computer and electronic scrap and non-ferrous metals, including:

• Telecommunications Equipment
• Computer and Network Equipment
• Semiconductor Fab Equipment
• New and Excess Consumer Electronics
• Electronic Scrap (Circuit Boards)
• Manufacturing Scrap and Surplus
• IC’s
• Non-ferrous metals
• Precious metals

Computers contain many different recyclable metals and other items,  We take the components apart and salvage key, re-usable items and then destroy data drives and the wiring.  The case and interior racks are recycled metal as well. Often times, certain computer components use gold contacts that are reclaimed for their value.

Everything that can be repurposed or recycled is done to complete the cycle of recycling.

Computer Recycling – Data Destruction

Altech Company Electronics Scrap, salvage and Recycling destroys hard drives and data completely