OHASAS We recycle Electronics and sell salvaged flat screen TVs and much more
Recycling Electronics Laptop boards, Laptops complete, Multi-socket server boards large, Networking, P3

Recycling Electronics at Altech Company

We work to extend the life of obsolete inventories or overstock for our clientele.

•  We’ll help you find new working capital through reuse, resale and recycling.

•  We’ll destroy proprietary technology and data in our shredder, and give you the opportunity to monitor the process in person or online.

•  We’ll make sure that your organization complies with environmental regulations, and reuse, renew or recycle your products in the most responsible fashion.

•  We’ll give you the tools you need to manage the end of the product life cycle.

We buy, sell, broker and process computer and electronic scrap and non-ferrous metals, including:

• Telecommunications Equipment
•Computer and Network Equipment
• Semiconductor Fab Equipment
• New and Excess Consumer Electronics
• Electronic Scrap (Circuit Boards)
• Manufacturing Scrap and Surplus
• IC’s
• Non-ferrous metals
• Precious metals

At Altech Company, we are all about Completing the Cycle of life for electronics and more.

Recycling Electronics

We do more than just recycling! We recycle and salvage components from Servers and computers.  Our Data Drive destruction shredder provided certified, video recorded logs of your data destruction!




Recycling Completes the Cycle





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Cell phones, Cell phone boards, CPU ceramic, CPU gold ceramic, Finger boards, Hard drive boards, Laptop boards, Laptops complete, Multi-socket server boards large, Networking, P3, P4 colored boards, P4 green boards, PC complete, RAM gold, Server boards, Slot processors, Telecom boards medium grade, Telecom boards high grade, Flatscreen TVS, monitors and much more.

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We buy, sell, broker and process computer

and electronic scrap and non-ferrous metals